Coming Soon – New Collections of Isometric Game Assets

I’ve been silent for more than a month. I had the time to post a new blog, but I choose not to. Instead, I’ve been trying to come up with new ideas on how to quickly and effectively create isometric characters and environments. I think that I found the solution, but I still need to get faster and more organized.

Here’s a sample (it’s still a work in progress) with a few test characters for my upcoming collection of Christmas game assets. Since I’m working on several projects simultaneously, I’m not able to guess how quickly I’ll be able to finish the first test collection, but once it’s done, the consecutive ones will go a lot faster.

Christmas cartoons – isometric characters

I’ll try to write more about my progress and future plans in November.

I still want to finish a few illustrations that I plan to use as a foundation for my Christmas designs that will be on sale in my store on Zazzle. Christmas sales will start soon so I need to get ready.

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