Weekly Progress

1/19/2020 – Progress reports

Hey, everyone! I’ve decided to change the frequency of these progress reports. I don’t think they are interesting enough to justify their daily frequency.

Right now, I’m trying some productivity hacks, so I’m able to produce more images and graphic assets this year. And since I’m at various stages of a few of my projects, I need all the productivity that I can get. Also, I need some help in deciding which projects are and aren’t important right now. For me, it’s always hard to decide which project to pursue, and which to put on hold, but I know that I can’t do everything at once.

Next week, I want to submit a second bundle of graphic assets to the Unity Asset Store. It’s been almost two years since I had done it for the first time, so I need to catch on some changes to the format of the accompanying images for the asset’s profile page, and also check out the new EULA and TOS.

My last week wasn’t very productive, but I have some new images. I decided to draw some rats to acknowledge the upcoming beginning of the Chinese New Year. This time next week, the Year of The Rat will be upon us! I’ll be drawing more of the Chinese Zodiac signs next week.

The Year of The Rat will be here in a week!

I’ll be doing this type of post every Sunday, but if I have anything interesting to say during the week, I’ll make an extra post. I don’t want this to be only a blog that documents my work. I’m thinking about doing a few tutorials and software reviews. There’s plenty of software that I like and that I think is either too underestimated or underutilized.

Thank you for reading, and see you here next week!