Permoniks – Fake Propaganda Posters

Recently I had fun with vector brushes and created some fake propaganda poster of Permoniks (mythical characters in my upcoming game).

Factions and classes

I’ve decided that there will be two warring factions of permoniks – one faction inspired by the communists of the 1940’s, the other by royalists and environmentalist.

So far I’ve been working mostly on the communist faction, and I’ve decided to create five classes: worker, scout, bomber, berserk, and guardian.

Worker – recruitment poster

Permonik – basic worker

Scout – recruitment poster

Permonik – scout

Both posters were made in Affinity Designer, and I used some of the Vector Hero brushes by Retro Supplies.

Today I’ll be working on the designs for the bomber and guardian and I will post an update soon. What do you think of The Permoniks so far?

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I’m back and I’m working on ‘Permoniks’

I’m back! I still have a few things to sort out but I finally have something new to write about. I’ll probably never be a daily poster, however, I want to make this into a more regular occurrence.

Moving on

Now just a few words on things that I’m working on right now. I have several unfinished projects, and I’ve been juggling them around for some time. It proved ineffective and distracting, so I’ve decided to revise my strategy. A part of the strategy is to set up my priorities and decide on what I want to do, what I need to do, and of course, what I’m able to do right now. (Also, the plural of the word ‘priorities’ is a nonsensical oxymoron. ‘Prior’ mean first, therefore, there can be only one priority.)

My priority right now is to revive a gaming project that I had worked on for a few months in 2013. It was supposed to be a mobile game and its work title was “Dwarfs vs. Unicorns”. And as you’ve already guessed, it was never finished. I’ve been unable to finish anything important for more that four years, so I want to redeem myself a bit and start finishing my unfinished projects. One by one.


Right now, I’m redesigning and improving the old character designs from 2013. It’s a totally different style, so these are basically new designs. I want to animate them either in Dragon Bones or with the animation solution that the Godot engine provides. Yes, I will use Godot. I like the engine a lot. I’ve been promising myself to do something in Godot since I first discovered and used Godot in 2014. The engine improved a lot since and I’m excited to learn how to make games with it.

I’ve almost forgot: I’m getting rid of the dwarfs and changing them in ‘permoniks’. I’m bored and tired of seeing dwarfs everywhere, so I’ll be using the small mining creatures from the mythology of my own culture – permoniks.

Permonik – mythological west Slavic mining demon, made in Affinity Designer

Here’s the first design for one of the permonik classes (there will 8 or 10 classes). He’s got some dynamite, so it seems that I’ll be looking very soon for solutions on how to make some nice cartoony explosions.

What about unicorns?

I’m not sure if I’m keeping the unicorns as the primary enemies in the game. I’ll most likely make up or research some underground creatures and use them.

To use the unicorns wasn’t my idea, and it doesn’t make much sense to make the permoniks fight the unicorns. They’re too cute even for cartoony violence. I did some animations of the unicorns in 2013, but right now they’re unusable. If I chose to use unicorns, I would have to do all the designs and animations from scratch, so there aren’t any reasons why I should use them. So I’m changing the work title ‘Dwarfs vs. Unicorns’ to ‘Permoniks’ – a simple one word title, which doesn’t sound as generic as the previous one. I like it a lot more.

The next time

As I said in the beginning of this post, I want to post more regularly, so I’ll try to post anytime I have something new and interesting to show. Thanks for visiting my blog! See you soon!

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A new route for me?

I made a little mistake and now I have to register as a person that does business in the EU. This means I’ll have more paperwork to do, but I’ll also be able to finally sell some of my work via Unity store and other European markets. I’m a little bit angry that I hadn’t had practically any other choice left, yet I’m excited about the possible opportunities that are opening before me.

Too many opportunities, so little time

New opportunities are exciting, but days are short and there’s only so much I can do in a day. I’m still working on the strategy game and on several personal projects simultaneously.

I’m bad at prioritizing, and adding new things into the mix won’t help much. So I’ve decided to put my personal projects on hold for a month and sort some things out. I will go through my files and projects and I will decide what is a waste of my time and what is not. In the meantime, I’ll still be available for customers who want to order custom merchandise via my ‘Unique Like You‘ store.

I’ll be back!

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Free Royalty-Free Avatars II

From time to time I post some files (game assets) that you can freely download and use in your project under standard Royalty Free license. Today I have two PNG files with 12 avatars. Each avatar is 256×256 px, it’s big enough to be useful in an independent game but small enough to make it almost un-resellable. (The images should be distributed only through this site or other sites that have my permission to do so.)

Have fun with the files, and if you like them, you can suggest me what I should draw next time. 

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