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My Etsy Store

After long thinking, I’ve decided to open my own Etsy store. I’ve been selling my cartoons through micro-stock agencies like Dreamstime and Shutterstock since 2008, however, I draw mostly cartoons for children, and I’d love to offer them to a new and more suitable audience – to the art and crafts crowd, card makers, small bloggers, moms with children, kindergarten teachers etc. People like that usually don’t have accounts on micro-stock sites, they use Etsy and similar marketplaces to get the artwork they need. And I want to get in:)

I need to do market research

So far, I still don’t know much about Etsy, but I’m willing to spend some time on learning about the marketplace, the customers and their needs. My plan is to bundle my older cartoons into different collections, sort them by themes, and offer them for a discounted price of ten dollars. I’m willing to grant people a license for the standard commercial use for every image, so they don’t have to worry about using my work in business for-profit setting.

I need to get some traffic

I heard that I should have about 50 product listings in my store before I can expect some traffic from the potential customers. Right now, I have four listings, I can create about eight to ten more if I use my current collection of cartoons, however, I don’t see myself getting to the desired 50. Every bundle will have around 20 to 30 cartoons, which would mean that I’d have to have somewhere between 1000 and 1500 images, and that’s a lot. Therefore, I need to find another way how to attract potential customers. I’m not really sure how I’ll do that.

I used to promote my old Zazzle store on tumblr, but I stopped using that platform four years ago. I can’t use Google and Facebook ads because I don’t want to become a business that has to pay value added taxes and I don’t want to break any law (thanks a lot EU, your laws really make sense!).

Storefront design for my Etsy store

I decided to keep the design of my Etsy store very simple. I sell cartoons, so I used only cartoons to define the appearance of my store. I also used images with white background to keep the store from looking overcrowded (which is easy to do when you use lots of brightly colored cartoons). In future I will update the store’s header and avatar depending on the season, holidays, etc.

My Etsy Store

The future of my Etsy store

I will keep you posted about my progress on Etsy, and about my potential successes or failings. If you have some advice or suggestion for me, don’t hesitate to comment. I’m always looking for other people’s thoughts and opinions.


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The hero Illustrations bundle – Now on Fiverr

I’ve compiled my popular royalty-free cartoons with child superheroes into one huge bundle, and I’m offering it on Fiverr only for $10. I don’t know how long I will let the gig run, so get your bundle while you can. Once the gig is done, the cartoons will be available only via microstock sites like Dreamstime, Shutterstock, Fotolia and Adobe Stock, and you will have to license the cartoons one by one.

Click on the image below to go to Fiverr:

If you’re a content creator yourself, you can join Fiverr via this link and offer your own gigs to people all over the world.

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Frankentoon Brushes for Affinity Designer

Two weeks ago I bought a few collections of brushes and textures from Frankentoon. A few days ago, I finally had some time to check them out, and so far I’m excited. The brushes add so much dept to my vectors. I have a long way before me to master the proper techniques but I think it will be worth it.

Illustration of my sister’s late bunny, sketched in MyPaint, drawn in Inkscape, textured in Affinity Designer

Even simple vector shapes can be quickly made into more interesting objects:

Christmas tree – before and after, vector vs. textures
Christmas wreath – before and after application of textures

I recommend everyone, who is interested in vector graphics or Affinity Designer, to check out Frankentoon website – not only to buy their great brushes and textures but also to read some useful tutorials.


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Orange Dragon

I’m still working on my dragon designs and animations for the top-down strategy game, however, I took some time off to draw a few vector portraits of dragons from normal persective. I’m thinking about compiling them into a set of avatars that I could offer in my Unity 3D store – of course, I’d have a free lite version.

Here’s my orange dragon emperor:Orange Dragon

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New Cartoon Characters – 26 July, 2018

Today, I wasn’t able to finish much because I’ve spent a lot of time sketching and doing other things. I only submitted one older image and a twelve-second long animation of a strongman that I’ve created from the cartoon I had posted here yesterday. It will take some time for the video to get accepted so, for now, I can only show the accepted illustration of Saint Cyril and Methodius.

Saint Cyril and Methodius Cartoon
Illustration of Saint Cyril and Methodius


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