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I’m leaving Facebook

After long thinking, I’ve come to the decision. Here’s the content of my last Facebook  post:

I’ll be leaving and deleting my Facebook within a few days. It won’t happen because I’m a fan of Alex Jones or InfoWars – I’m not, in fact, I don’t like people like him, and I find his show to be very lowbrow and even ‘idiotic’.
The truth is that I’ve been thinking about leaving this platform for three years. What happened yesterday was just a culmination of it. It reminded why I felt the necessity to leave.
Facebook is a private company, and they can do whatever they want, however, I find their application of ‘different rules for different people’ disturbing. Also, I didn’t forget about the meeting Mark Zuckerberg had with German Chancellor Angela Merkel three years ago. He seemed happy to oblige her, and he’s been using this platform to spy on people ever since. In fact, since then other governments have asked him to do the same, and Facebook always cooperated.
What I find the most disturbing, and even heinous, is their cooperation with totalitarian regimes. A year ago, the progressivism screeching people in leadership of Facebook seemed all too happy to oblige Pakistani government in their prosecution of a 30-year-old man. By criticizing Islam, he committed blasphemy and was sentenced to death. I believe that people at Facebook are accomplices in judicial murder. Thanks to my geographical location, I’m not allowed to say on this platform that if you’re born a man, you can’t ever become a woman. That would be hate speech. On the other side, Facebook appeases regimes that execute people that I’m supposedly hateful to.
I’m tired of this hypocrisy, and I’m tired of supporting it by my presence on this platform. I know that I’m not a customer, and I’m tired of being a disposable product. So goodbye to you all!
PS: Everyone who is interested in reaching me knows where else to find me online.

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