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My Christmas store

I had to take a little break from working on my projects because I need to get my Zazzle stores in order and ready for Christmas sales, specifically for Black Friday.

Plans versus reality

I wanted to create some entirely new designs (they’re half done now), but I got stuck because first I wanted to edit and improve the products that have been selling well for the past three or four Christmas seasons. It took me 4 days so far, and I’m still only about 65% done. I have only ten days left until my deadline, which is Black Friday. I hope that I will be able to create at least some of the designs and illustrations I had planned to do. This has been a great learning experience for me and I will remember it the next time I plan to do something with a hard deadline.

My ‘classic’ designs

For now, please check my older designs from previous years. Here are some of them:

Thank you for checking out my blog! Please, come back soon for a new content, or drop me a line if you’d like to know something more about Zazzle or my stores/designs.

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New Business Cards

Today, I received my Zazzle reward of 100 free business cards (every Zazzle designer who is at the ‘Bronze’ or better level receive this yearly reward). I’ve spent a few moments designing my new cards, and because I didn’t want to waste much time, I created a few more designs that we’ll be available for sale. Here are some of them:

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