Unique Like You

Customized Designs For Everyone

Unique Like You is a store through which you can order T-Shirts and merchandise with custom personalized designs. I can use any of the designs seen in the store, and use it to create a unique new design just for you. For example, if you want to make your child’s birthday really special and memorable, you can gift him or her a T-Shirt with a superhero or other character containing your child’s likeness and short personalized message.

The Process

Here’s how it works:

First, you’ll choose one of the available designs, for example, this one:

Flying superhero boy cartoon T-Shirt
Then you’ll send me an email at radkakavalcova@gmail.com with description of edits you’d like me to do. Let’s say you want the boy to look more like your son, who has short brown hair; also you want me to dress him in his favorite colors – yellow and green. (If you want the cartoon to be closer in likeness to the person you want me to draw, you can send me a photo.)

Then, after a maximum of 48 hours, I will send you a direct link to the finished design (the product won’t be listed publicly). Then, if you’re satisfied with the design, you can order it, or you can ask me for further edits. Nice and simple:)

Flying superhero boy cartoon T-Shirt

Also, if there are some themes or characters, you’d like to see in my store, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will answer you if I can do it and when.

Other Ideas

Some of my most popular designs are personalized Christmas items like Christmas stockings, wrapping papers etc. All the items can be edited to suit your needs.

Christmas girl cartoon small christmas stockingChristmas boy cartoon small christmas stocking
Christmas boy cartoon small christmas stockingChristmas guy cartoon small christmas stocking
Christmas girl cartoon cardChristmas girl cartoon wrapping paper